How Does CBD Work?

Where Does CBD Come From?

CBD is extracted and separated from specific varieties of cannabis. It is the second most abundant compound in cannabis, typically representing up to 40% of its extracts.

CBD is a compound that is found in both psychoactive cannabis (marijuana) and non-psychoactive cannabis (hemp). Most legal CBD products that you find on the market will be extracts from hemp, since federal law permits the cultivation, processing and marketing of hemp and hemp products.

How does CBD Affects The Body?

The body creates its own cannabinoids, called endocannabinoids, to help support the regulatory system. This central body system helps keep the body balanced from day to day, including these functions: appetite, pain sensation, mood, memory, immune system, and inflammation control.

Similar to how vitamin C is used to enhance the immune system, CBD acts as a kick starter for these cannabinoids to to keep the receptors working at optimal capacity and to help the functions of the body’s central regulatory system.

Does CBD Get You High?

CBD often gets mixed up with THC, which is another cannabinoid found in cannabis. However, it’s important to know the differences in them as they have fundamentally different properties and benefits.

THC, an intoxicating and illegal substance, is responsible for causing marijuana users to get a high. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive because it does not act on the same pathways as THC. Because of this, it is not possible to get a high by smoking or ingesting CBD or CBD oil extracted from industrial hemp plants, as they only have minuscule traces of THC (Less than 0.3%).

Is CBD the same as marijuana?

People often confuse supplements containing CBD, derived from industrial hemp, with medical marijuana. At, our CBD products are legal, nutritional supplements, carefully sourced and lab-inspected. CBD is not the same as marijuana.

The plant genus Cannabis contains two unique plant species hemp, a tall canelike plant resembling bamboo that originated in Central Asia and is now cultivated worldwide; and marijuana, hemp’s shorter, leafier, cousin.

Cannabis naturally produces more than 80 chemical compounds, called cannabinoids. The two most common, and the most studied, are tetrahydrocannabinol (referred to as THC) and cannabidiol (or the simpler term, CBD.) THC is the compound responsible for psychoactive effects. CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t cause a high. In general terms, cannabis plants with high THC content are considered marijuana; while plants with less than 1% THC are considered inductrial hemp.

Industrial hemp is typically grown for its fibers, seeds and other parts, which are used to make thousands of products. When hemp oil is extracted from these plants, it contains varying amounts of CBD.

CBD has been studied extensively by many scientists and universities. There are pre-clinical studies that suggest CBD’s potential for reducing a number of different symptoms such as anxiety, nausea and inflammation, among others. These studies are still underway and the FDA does not allow claims to be made about the effectiveness of CBD for any particular health concern.

What is CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a chemical compound that comes from the non-psychotropic cannabis plant known as hemp. It is one of over 85 unique compounds found in hemp, known as cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids, which can be either consumed (phytocannabinoids) or produced naturally by the body (endocannabinoid), are chemical compounds that interact with the body’s central regulatory system. This system is known to manage homeostasis and affect bodily processes such as appetite, mood and sleep.

CBD is an example of a phytocannabinoid. Although our bodies can naturally produce its own endocannabinoids that bind to cannabinoid receptors in both the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system, phytocannabinoids are known to help to kickstart our central regulatory system.

Thousands of research articles point to many health benefits from CBD. According to pre-clinical trials, CBD is a sedative, anti-nausea, anti-inflammatory and is a potent antioxidant compound with neuroprotective properties. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and we do not diagnose, treat or propose cures on this site. However, we are intrigued by this research and the many positive experiences we have received from our customers.

We provide lab-tested, pure grade CBD products derived from both domestic and imported industrial Hemp. Our CBD products provide great complementary health support for both adults and pets.